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A story of hope and a call to action

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The hard history and uncertain future about race and wealth. A documentary about race, inequality, and the economic impact of racism

Broken Chains explores the modern-day challenges of racial inequality, its historical underpinnings, and how cultural and professional leaders have found ways to thrive in the face of systemic obstacles. As Black Lives Matter protests have given rise to a global conversation on race and inclusion, Broken Chains seeks to offer perspective on where the problem started -- and what we can do to solve it.

Through interviews with leading researchers, industry executives, investors, professional athletes, and pop culture influencers, Broken Chains tells the story of those who “made it”, why they are rare exceptions inside of a broken system, and how a collective push to end systemic injustices will create a better world for all of us.

Meet The Team


Michael Lints

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Executive Producer


Aaron Stewart

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Executive Producer


Jamaur Bronner

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Co Executive Producer


Karim Raffa

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Consulting Producer


Autumn Bailey

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Executive Producer

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