After writing "I am exhausted and I want you to know why", Singapore-based venture capitalist Michael Lints was looking for a way to help bring systemic racism to the attention of corporates. Oftentimes people would see racism but have difficulty understanding how these issues have reverberating and persistent effects on the individuals targeted as well as society-at-large. After the article, many people asked: "what can I do besides listen?" The answer is not only complex but requires input and insight from different layers of society, different generations, and different backgrounds.

This documentary —​ with the working title Broken Chains —​ is meant to give perspectives on how we move on from here. Systemic racism is prevalent in corporate life, sports, social life, etc. We can't solve all these problems in one go but we intend to give some insight into one of the larger issues amongst people of color: access to opportunity and the generation of wealth.


Broken Chains cast

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Dr. William A. Darity Jr.

Duke University

Professor of Public Policy, African and African American Studies, and Economics. 

Mariah Lichtenstern

DiverseCity Ventures

Founding  Partner

Tiffany Joseph

Northeastern University

Associate Professor of Sociology and International Affairs.

Detavio Samuals



Kristal High Taylor


Founder and CEO

Kaitlin McGaw

Alphabeth Rockers

CEO and Co-Director

David T. Scott

Serial Entrepreneur

Marketing Executive and Author

Nick Caldwell


VP of Engineering and Board Member of Hubspot

Jason Towns


Managing Director

Mike Asem

M25 Group


Marlon Nichols

MAC Venture Capital

Managing Partner

Jim Lowry

Boston Consulting Group

Senior Advisor

Jotaka Eaddy

Full Circle Strategies


Kelvin Beachum

Arizone Cardinals

NFL Player

Shelly Bell

Black Girl Ventures


Wanda James

Simply Pure


Michael Lints

Golden Gate Ventures