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London Screening

March 14 - Singapore / London

London Screening Broken Chains

For the first time in its short history, the Broken Chains documentary will be screened on the European continent. In collaboration with Ada Ventures and hosted by Atomico, the documentary will be screened to a select group of venture capitalists and limited partners in London. The Broken Chains team is excited and particularly proud that the venture ecosystem in London is willing to not only share the documentary but have an open discussion about equality and diversity in our industry.

Systemic racism is prevalent in corporate life, sports, social life—every part of our lives. We can’t solve all these problems in one go, but we intend to give some insight into one of the larger issues amongst people of color: access to opportunity and wealth creation. One of the common threads in the documentary is about generational wealth. For Co-Director and Executive Producer Michael Lints, who is both a father and venture capitalist, it became evident how important it is for the Black community to own appreciating assets that can set a stable foundation for future generations. Through investments, access to education and the ability to grow in corporate leadership roles, the Black community stands a better chance to not only create generational wealth, but to invest directly back into the community.

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Atomico’s State of European Tech 2021 highlighted the reality that some founders are all too aware of. In 2021, just over 1% of overall VC funding in Europe went to founding teams solely made up of ethnic minorities. After another set of abysmal data, the need for action from the VC and LP community has never been more important. We’ve taken this opportunity to convene some of our LPs and many of our friends.


Co Director and Executive Producer Michael Lints (Golden Gate Ventures, Kauffman Fellow), and Co Executive Producer Jamaur Bronner (BCG, Berkeley-Haas / Duke) will attend the screening and take part in a panel discussing diversity in the tech ecosystem moderated by Check Warner, Partner at Ada Ventures and featuring Anu Adebajo, Senior Investment Manager at British Patient Capital.

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